Monday, August 20, 2012


Here are the finished demonstration paintings from this year's Hudson River Fellowship Workshop - White Mountains - NH...
DAY 1 - Jackson Falls, Oil on Linen - 8 x 16

DAY 2 - Old White Pine, Oil on Linen - 12x16

DAY 3 - Owl's Cliff, Oil on Linen - 12 x 16
DAY 3 (afternoon) - Owl's Cliff thunderstorm, Oil on Linen - 8 x 16

DAY 4- forest interior floor, Oil on Linen - 9x14
DAY 4 (afternoon) - forest edge floor, Oil on Linen - 5 1/2 x 9
Here are some I completed "after hours"...

Mt. Washington over lost pond, oil on linen - 8 x 10

Thunderhead over white mountains, oil on linen 9x12

Glen Ellis Falls, oil on linen - 8 x 16

Echo Lake, oil on linen - 11x14

Morning at Crawford's Notch (Saco Lake), oil on linen - 9x12

NH Workshop tree portrait demonstration

 On the second day of my workshop in NH, I completed a tree portrait of an old white pine.
establishing the imprimatura
the basic composition
a grisaille mass-in
painting in the big elements
using a smaller brush to work out the details
the final piece...

HUDSON RIVER FELLOWSHIP: Workshop in the White Mountains - NH

The Hudson River Fellowship 2012 was held in Jackson, NH this year. What an amazing place to paint! I held a 4 day workshop in conjunction with the fellowship to focus on obtaining plein air color studies. Below are a few photos documenting the event.

This the first morning at Jackson falls. I demonstrated my basic approach to a  landscape that included the standard elements: close/detailed foreground (rocks, waterline, etc.), middle ground (treeline, shoreline, water reflections, etc.),  background (a series of overlapping mountain passes), and some sky elemenst. This allowed me to discuss how to orchestrate all of these into a coherent compostion. I stared by imparting an "imprimatura" and grisaille underpainting. This established the major elements into 4 major value masses and immediately revealed if the composition would be strong enough to continue. As this was drying, I pre-mixed numerous piles of paint for each value mass. When I was finished with the pre-mixing, the underpainting was dry and began to paint. This basic approach was repeated each morning for a separate demonstration.
The participants spent the afternoon choosing a motif to paint, and they mirrored my approach. 

Eliza starting a tree/waterfall study

Elizabeth working on Jackson Falls.
Susan focusing at Jackson Falls
I took an evening stroll to Glen Ellis Falls and did a quick color study (see future post for image of finished piece).

One of the amazing views available right near the road!

On the second day I completed a tree study using a similar approach to my first day... More emphasis was placed on capturing the character of this particular white pine tree.

Elizabeth, Susan, and Doone starting on a tree study

Elizabeth at the easel

Here I am discussing how to approach depth in a large vista. 
This amazing view is right at the side of the road - we are using this roofed overlook due to the rain forecast. 

The painting here is close to finish.

Later that evening I painted at Echo Lake and was treated to an amazing sunset 
(see future post for image of finished piece).
Also topped at Cathedral Ledge on the way out - treated to a stunning red (full)moonrise.


On the last day I demonstrated an approach to a close up forest interior.

Elizabeth working on a small leaf study.

Jane chose a birch tree with ground foliage.
FINAL EVENING - group showing and glazing demonstration.
On Friday night all the fellows and the workshop participants gathered at Erik Koeppel and Lauren Sansaricq's studio for a last-evening party. Everyone brought a few works to share - always a humbling event. The talent and dedication revealed at these gatherings is truly inspiring.
I gave a demonstration on how to use glazes to enhance a field painting.
Sometimes the glaze is applied to the entire painting - or it can be used to develop specific areas.

It was a packed house - close to thirty amazing painters...
Catching up with senior fellows Erik Koeppel and Emilie Lee.
On my way home, I got to paint with a bunch of fellows at Saco Lake - Crawford Notch... A wonderful way to end the trip.
I will upload my finished demonstration works in a future post.